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Exit, Pursued by a Volibear: What to do when no role feels like home

We all have a void to Fill.

Over my years of playing League of Legends, I have mained almost every role — lookin’ at you, ADC — at one point or another. Usually the change is driven by a desire to play a new group of champions, or maybe a very specific one. But sometimes, nothing feels good to play.

That’s where I am at right now. It isn’t the patch’s fault or the meta’s, it’s me. We have all been here before, at least, I have. No matter what role I play, I can’t seem to get into the groove. I’m terrible everywhere. But I still want to play League. I log in every day, stare at my champion collection and pass out from indecision.

Riot Games

So what do you do? How do you fix being role-less in League of Legends? As trivial as it may sound, the Fill role exists for a reason. Hear me out. Jump into a normal lobby. Go in alone or with a friend. Hit that Fill button and take a magical journey (literally, if you are playing Bard).

Once you are in your lobby and you know your role, jump onto Click on whichever role you have been assigned and look for the most popular champion in the current patch. Select them and play the game out. Rotate through the roles, playing the most popular champions until you have fun. If you didn’t enjoy your time after five games in five roles, do the second most popular champion and then the third.

The real dilemma comes when you have done this multiple times and still can’t find a way to enjoy yourself. This may seem like odd advice coming from someone who writes for a website devoted to the game, but take a break from League of Legends. The game is huge, it isn’t going to go anywhere if you miss a patch or two.

Riot Games

Go play World of Warcraft or Playerunknown’s Battleground or something else to distract you for a bit. In a few days, weeks, months, you will find a reason to come back. There will come a moment when you wake up in cold sweat and think, “Boy, Trundle sounds really fun right now.” If that is the message, don’t come back, that is the devil talking, and nobody likes Teemo. But if you are like “I really want to play Shaco Illaoi Singed a good champion” come back and have a blast.

League requires at least somewhat of a commitment and a desire to do well or have fun. Even if you really want to jam out on the Rift, if you have no passion for who or where you are playing, you probably won’t play very well at all. The important thing to remember is that it is OK.

When you find that new passion, you will come back stronger than ever.

Trundle mains don’t @ me.