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Faker gets excited about pentakills in solo queue too

(Tabloid writer voice) Oh, my god! He’s just like us!

Pentakills are one of the most exciting things in League of Legends - even to three-time World Champion Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok.

Lee gets a pretty bonkers triple kill on Syndra, despite having almost no health. He goes on to get the quadra kill and the enemy Cassiopeia stands still to give him the penta. He then says, “Everyone, if you buy the new SKT Syndra skin, you can also get a penta kill!” according to a translation on Twitter.

Pentakills are exciting for everyone! Anyone could tell you the story of their first pentakill (or how badly they want to get their first pentakill.) It’s no surprise that getting one is an exciting achievement to even the best professional players in the world, but dang, was the first few kills in this pentakill amazing.

Lee streams on pre-announced days on Twitch. You can check out his channel to see more flashy plays here!