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Jin Air's Ikssu scored an Akali pentakill versus Samusung

This is why people hate Akali.

Riot Games

Pentakills in professional League of Legends matches are rare, but not half as rare as Akalis, so who could have guessed heading into Sunday’s LCK match up between Samsung Galaxy and Jin Air Green Wings that we would see both?

The play starts out with a quick kill, but couldn’t possibly be anymore classic Akali as it progresses. Jeon “Ikssu” Ik-su uses cleverly timed burst, as well as a couple well placed to Galio taunts, to pick up the kills in two small skirmishes before setting his sights on the Samsung base and taking out the rest of the team on the way.

As they normally do, the pentakill helped close out the game for Jin Air, which allowed them to avoid a sweep against one of the region’s most dominant teams. However, Samsung won the third game in the series handily bringing Jin Air to a 4-4 record so far in the Summer Split.