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EU LCS attendance rewards announced

Go support your favorite teams and get cool stuff.

Riot had a punchcard system in place for regular European League Championship Series attendees in place, but now the company is putting some big changes in place to improve the system.

All new attendees will be given punch cards at the entrance and start at silver tier. Every 10 stamps, they’ll move up a tier, just like in League’s ranked system, until they’re Diamond.

For every game you attend, you’ll get a stamp!

At silver, you’ll get a goodie bag at five stamps and an EU LCS poster signed by the on-air team, as well as two free EU LCS tickets at 10 stamps.

At gold, you’ll get to choose between a Baron Nashor or Tibbers head pillow at five stamps and a special entry ticket for you and your friend to go to the games and get a backstage tour at 10 stamps.

At platinum, you’ll get a special Pulsefire Ezreal figure for five stamps and you’ll unlock diamond tier at 10 stamps.

At diamond, you no longer have to collect stamps. You’ll get a special badge that grants you access to any 2017 EU LCS match for free as well as a backstage meet-and-greet with your team of choice or the on-air talent team.

So yeah, those prizes seem pretty dang good. Riot did say that there will be other special ways to collect stamps announced in person, so you probably won’t have to go to 30 games to get all those stamps.

Rewards can be collected at the merch store and if you lose your card they will be able to replace it, but the number of stamps on your card tier will be reset.