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NA LCS Summer 2017 Finals will be in Boston

Finals will be at the TD Garden!

Information for the North American Summer Split Finals is now live. The event will be held in Boston at the TD Garden.

Tickets will be on sale on June 27 and will go for $35-$85 and you can buy a bundle for both days for slightly cheaper during a presale on June 26. More information about how to grab presale tickets is available on the lolesports website. It’s through a lottery system, so good luck!

In a small Twitter announcement in May, Riot Games announced that the finals were going to be in Boston, but did not yet announce where. Our pigeon friend from Vancouver showed us the way.

The video depicts the popular pigeon that waddled about onstage at the Vancouver finals flying across the continent to stop in Boston. People loved that bird and cheered for it whenever it would start flying around.

The finals will be at the TD Garden, the arena home to the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins. Depending on the event, the stadium can hold up to about 19,000 people! Pacific Coliseum, where 2017 Spring Finals was held could have around 16,000 people and Madison Square Garden, where 2016 Worlds Semifinals and 2015 Summer Split Finals took place could hold a little under 19,000 people.