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The NA LCS has gotten more consistent, and that’s good for everyone

This off-season had the fewest changes ever in North America.

Riot Games

The North America LCS looks different than it ever has before. For the first time in the league’s history, it will enter a new split with all the same teams it ended the last one with.

This is significant, because it shows a new level of consistency. Spring Split LCS teams were able to prove themselves better than their Challenger Series counterparts and deserving of spots in the league. Also notable are some of the other reasons that organizations left the league in the past.

From scandals, competitive bans, LCS seed selling and organizations just folding, there have been all sorts of reasons for organizations to leave the league. However, none of that happened this split, pointing towards a far more consistent league.

With Riot’s newly announced franchising plans, this kind of consistency for LCS teams couldn’t be coming at a better time.

This consistency has made its way all the way down to the team’s rosters as well. This was the off-season — mid-season pre-season — with the fewest roster changes ever. We’re sitting at about five roster moves as of the Summer Split’s first day. Compared to this time last year, with about 26 roster moves, it’s clear that a considerable change in team culture and mentality is hitting the NA LCS.

Organizations, it would seem, becoming more consistent themselves has led to them become more confident in allowing their players time to grow and develop both together as a team and as individuals.

While this kind of developmental thinking may not have brought over the sheer star-power of the acquisition happy off-seasons of the past, it marks a new moment for the North American League of Legends that is likely to improve the overall quality of play significantly as teams, players and Riot themselves look forward to a more stable professional environment.