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Phoenix1 start rookie jungler MIKEYEUNG for NA LCS week 3

Can a brand new jungler help turn P1’s split around?


The first two weeks of the North American LCS Summer Split have not been kind to Phoenix1. Coming into week three the Spring Split third place finishers are 0-2. In order to help turn the tide of their split and put them on the best path to worlds, the team has made yet another substitution as they enter week three.

According to a tweet by the team, the starting jungler this week will be 18 year old rookie Michael “MIKEYEUNG” Yeung. Yeung has been playing League of Legends since he was 11 and has been a challenger player in all of the last four seasons. Yeung will be replacing veteran jungler William “Meteos” Hart and Rami “Inori” Charagh, Phoenix1’s other junglers.

This is the second large scale change to the Phoenix1 roster as they added veteran support and former Team Dignitas player Alex “Xpecial” Chu to their roster on Friday.