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Team Dignitas adds Adrian and Altec to their roster, drops Xpecial

Big moves for one of the NA’s best teams!

Team Dignitas announced, on Friday, the acquisition of two new players to their bottom lane: Adrian “Adrian” Ma and Johnny “Altec” Ru. Alex “Xpecial” Chu has also left the Dignitas organization to play support for Phoenix1.

Ru joins the Dignitas family from FlyQuest, where he has been benched all season due to the acquisition of Jason “WildTurtle” Tran. Ma played for Phoenix1 during the Spring Split and had a brief stint on Team Liquid before this most recent trade.

While it is unclear whether Ru or Ma will be starting players on the roster, David “Cop” Roberson, Dignitas’ coach, seems to have ideas in mind. “Our goal is to continue to grow and improve as a team,” he said. “We believe these changes help to strengthen our line-up during our push to qualify for the World Championships. Adrian and Altec will both bring high level skills and experience to our team.”

Another Dignitas coach, Brandon “Saintvicious” Dimarco, explained that they are still looking for the correct combination of players. Dignitas is going into this weekend with a 3-1 record, defeating TSM last week and only dropping one series so far this split —against Team Liquid.