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The next new champion will be here soon

No new friend in 7.13...but 7.14? Probably.

Lead gameplay designer Riot Meddler popped onto the League of Legends boards the other day to clarify some things. In addition to talking about support starting items and giving some context to 7.13, he dropped a little bit of info on us about the next new champion. Of course, all of this is subject to change.

First, Meddler disappoints the world by saying that there will be no new champion in 7.13, the patch that is currently on the PBE. However, he does say “we’re getting closer to a new champ.”

Riot has been fairly clear in the past when we are a few patches out from something that the community is speculating about. Therefore, stating that it won’t be in 7.13 is the only definitive thing they are comfortable saying at the moment. This realistically means that they are at least eyeing a 7.14 release date for the next champion.

In a response to a comment, Meddler confirmed that the next champion is being headed up by Lucian, Azir and Taliyah’s deigner, friend of the site Daniel “ZenontheStoic” Klein. Klein was kind enough to join us during our Extra Life stream last year. During the stream, he dropped a few hints on the next champion he was working on. At the time, he hinted at a centipede-like beast with many legs and a tail, but a few of those elements ended up going into Aurelion Sol’s design. Whether any of those characteristics still exist in the new champion remains to be seen.