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Riot shows off SKT skins’ recall animations and they are amazing

Check out the animations and the sassy boys who inspired them.

Lolesports Twitter posted a short video on Tuesday, previewing the 2016 World Championship skins, made in the likeness of the winners, SK Telecom.

Former toplaner, Duke’s SKT Ekko skin puts his hands in for a Three Musketeers’ style “all for one, one for all” type cheer. But instead of two other musketeers, he has Ekko clones. SKT Olaf smashes his PC, as Olaf would do. SKT Syndra makes a cool SKT logo above her head. SKT Nami poses, photoshoot style. Wolf decided to model it out perfectly, of course, which can be seen directly below the skin preview. Jhin has a cool-ass dance complete with music.

All that said, the kkOma ward maybe the best of all (well, almost; who can beat Wolf?). The little ward takes notes and even does the signature kkOma facepalm when it dies. Adorable.

Riot’s Senior QA for the Skins Team, Katey “KateyKhaos” Anthony, seems especially taken with SKT Zac, tweeting out her hot take regarding the recall. As you can see, he appears to be eating his own blobby body. Which looks ... tasty?

I am going to say Black Cherry, Katey. Please tweet @KateyAnthony and @TheRiftHerald so we can get a true answer to what SKT Zac really tastes like.