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You’ll be able to mute player pings soon

Ding ding ding ding ding!

League of Legends players can mute their teammates and opponents when they talk too much or spam mastery emotes, but never pings until now.

Using pings to communicate is easy and clear. Need to group up and fight? Use the assistance ping. Going in for a gank? Use the “on the way” ping. Your opposing laner goes missing? Use the “missing” question mark ping. Your teammate makes a bad play? Spam the question mark ping repeatedly over their corpse.

Okay, obviously, don’t do that last part (unless maybe you’re just joking around with your buddies.) That last one is actually why this needs to be put in place. Some players aggressively spam pings at players before or after they’ve been muted and it’s annoying.

Nobody needs to hear those “dings” constantly - one or two pings is typically enough. Riot had placed cooldowns on pings so you can’t ping over a certain amount in a given time, but that didn’t really stop spam ping-ers.

To be clear - the current mute button is not changing. They’re just adding another that also mutes pings!

The mute button that's already in the game is not moving or changing at all. It mutes chat, and extracurricular animations and emotes. The idea is to give everyone granular mute controls.

- Riot NaKyle

The feature rolling out that lets you mute pings from players should be appearing on the Public Beta Environment sometime during this cycle.