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EU LCS Summer 2017 groups: The same as spring, plus 2 new teams

NiP join Group A, while the Monkeys join Group B.

Riot Games

With the EU LCS’s new format that began at the beginning of the year, the 10 teams are split up into two groups of five. Instead of keeping those groups the same over the years, like in traditional sports, Riot has elected instead to have the teams draft the groups between each season.

For some reason, that includes re-drafting the groups between splits instead of just between years. But that’s okay! Because this split’s groups are literally the exact same as last split’s, just with the two new teams replacing the two that got relegated.

For a refresher on how the process works: each team picks one team to go in the opposite group. Since G2 Esports and Unicorns of Love were the two finalists last split, they automatically get placed in opposite groups. G2 picked one team for the other group (H2K), and UOL picked one for G2’s (Fnatic). That process continued, with each team (except for the final two) picking a team for the opposite group.

You can see the results in the image at the top of this page, but here it is in text:

Group A:

G2 Esports




Ninjas in Pyjamas

Group B:

Unicorns of Love



Team Vitality

Mysterious Monkeys