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G2 Esports will use two subs in Week 1 to give Trick and Expect a break

The European champs and MSI runners-up had to have an offseason at some point.

Riot Games

In a statement released by G2 Esports on Tuesday, the three-time defending European champions announced it would be using substitutes in the top and jungle roles for the first week of the EU LCS Summer Split. G2 will use Rosendo “Send0o” Fuentes in the top lane and Jean-Victor “loulex” Burgevin in the jungle. According to G2, this move is temporary and will only last until Expect and Trick return from their trip to Korea.

The goal behind the switch is to provide the usual starters in those roles, Ki “Expect” Dae-han and Kim “Trick” Gang-yun, with a brief break to return home to Korea after what has been a hectic schedule for the organization.

“I am very happy to be home in Korea with my family,” two-time EU LCS MVP Trick said in the release. “Thank you all for cheering for me and my team at MSI, I will be back in EU very soon with full energy for the Summer Split. G2 FIGHTING!”

G2 has had a busy 2017 so far. The EU LCS regular season lasted from January 19 to April 2, but that was followed by a successful 3-week run through the playoffs, running through April 23. A win there qualified G2 for the Mid-Season Invitational, which saw them competing from May 10 to May 21, when they lost to SK Telecom T1 in the finals. The Summer Split starts June 1 and will likely run at least through August. That means from January to August, G2 will have had about a month of time off total — not much at all, especially when you consider Worlds runs from September to November.

Send0o has previously worked with G2 Esports by helping them prepare for the Spring Split finals, while loulex has played for several EU LCS teams in the past, including H2k, Unicorns of Love and FC Schalke 04.