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Riot announces Rift Rivals, new international League of Legends tournament series

Riot’s new small scale international competitions are the perfect way to break up the Summer Split.

Riot Games

On Tuesday, Riot Games announced changes to the 2017-2018 League of Legends esports competitive schedule, including the addition of a new tournament called Rift Rivals.

The tournament will be held around the world from July 3-9 and will involve all 13 competitive regions. Each region will be pitted against one or two rival regions in locally hosted tournaments that will adhere to various formats.

Here’s a full breakdown of each of the Rift Rivals tournaments, and the various formats they will use:

North America vs. Europe

The NA versus EU rivalry has waned over the last few years, but Riot hopes to reignite it in Berlin’s LCS studio as the two regions has off in a tournament against each other for the first time since Battle of the Atlantic back in 2013. North America’s representatives will be Team SoloMid, Cloud9 and Phoenix1, while the European participants will be G2 Esports, Unicorns of Love and Fnatic.

The tournament will follow a new format for Riot’s international events as the teams will participate in a best of one, Single Round Robin Group Stage that will seed teams for the “Finals” round which will be a Last Man Standing style. This means that each region’s teams will play the other’s in one game where the loser is eliminated starting with the lowest seeded teams. The region that knocks out all of its opponent’s participants will be the winner.

Riot Games

This tournament will feature a broadcast in English with the possibility of other languages being added before the tournament begins.

Korea vs. LMS vs. China

Some of the World’s strongest regions will meet in this Rift Rivals event held in Kaohsiung from July 6-9. The region’s will be represented by their four highest seeded teams. Korea will send SK Telecom T1, Samsung Galaxy, KT Rolster and MVP, LMS will be represented by Flash Wolves, ahq e-Sports Club, J Team and Machi and finally China’s Team WE, Royal Never Give Up, Edward Gaming and OMG will join the tournament as well.

The tournament’s format can be seen below:

Riot Games

The tournament will feature broadcasts in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, English, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian.

Latin America North vs. Brazil vs. Latin America South

This tournament will be held in the CLS Studio in Santiago, Chile from July 5-8 and will feature two teams from each region. Latin America North will send Lyon Gaming and Just Toys Havoks, Brazil will be represented by Keyd Stars and RED Canids, and Latin America South’s teams will be Isurus Gaming and Furious Gaming.

The format for the tournament can be found below:

Riot Games

The tournament will be broadcast in Spanish and Portuguese.

Commonwealth of Independent States vs. Turkey

This tournament will feature teams form the LCL and TCL region which will both send their four highest rankings teams and will be held in Moscow from July 6-9. For CIS those teams will be Virtus.Pro, Vaevictis Esports, M19 and Vega Squadron while SuperMassive eSports, Oyunfor.CREW, 1907 Fenerbahçe Espor and Team AURORA will represent Turkey.

The tournament’s format can be seen below:

Riot Games

The tournament will be feature a Russian and a Turkish broadcast.

Southeast Asia vs. Oceania vs. Japan

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam will play host to this Rift Rivals tournament from July 3-6 as each region sends their three highest seeded teams. Representing Southeast Asia will be the GIGABYTE Marines, Ascension Gaming and Mineski, Oceania will be represented by Dire Wolves, Legacy and Sin Gaming while Japan will send Detonation Gaming, Rampage and Unsold Stuff Gaming.

The tournament’s format can be seen below:

Riot Games

The tournament will feature broadcasts in English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Indonesian.