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Dardoch moves to Counter Logic Gaming

Dardoch joins a CLG team that used the same lineup for each of the past three splits.

Counter Logic Gaming announced Friday jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Harnett was joining their roster, replacing Jake “Xmithie” Puchero. Xmithie will take Dardoch’s place on the Immortals roster, IMT also announced Friday.

Dardoch known for his aggressive playstyle and expertise on playmaking jugglers Lee Sin and Elise, as well as his confident approach to the game and post-game interviews.

Dardoch joined the NA LCS in spring 2016 starting for Team Liquid and was awarded Rookie of the Split. The following split, he was suspended by Team Liquid for poor behavior but was reinstated and starting again the following week. He also played parts in conflict-focused videos released by his two previous teams upon the conclusion of their seasons.

He was then announced to be the starting jungler for Immortals before the 2017 Spring Split. Immortals have had a fairly rough time during the past split, coming out with a 8 - 10 record, the lowest by far that the team has had since it’s creation. Despite the team’s poor performance in the spring, Dardoch still got 2nd in the NA LCS Spring Split awards for his position, being placed on the 2nd NA LCS All-Pro Team.

Dardoch originally started as an AD carry and expressed interest about moving back to that position for the summer, but he is staying as a jungler.

The rest of CLG seem ecstatic to have him on the team.

Once one of the super powers in North American League of Legends, CLG has been in a bit of rut recently. The team finished in fourth place in each of the last two regular season splits, and haven’t made it to the NA LCS finals since winning title number two in Spring 2016. That run was capped by an incredible second-place performance at MSI 2016 -- the best-ever performance by an NA team in an international tournament — but disappointing finishes since then have led to this change in the lineup.