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League of Legends Patch 7.4 change list

Every single change from the new patch.

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We’re getting closer to the midway point of the Season 7 League of Legends patch cycle, and Wednesday the notes for Patch 7.4 arrived. This patch, we’ve got an early fix to the super strong lethality items, as well as significant Cho’Gath changes and nerfs to Corki, Jhin, Ryze and Maokai.

Below are just the changes: if you want more context, read the full patch notes here. For just a summary of the five most important things, click here.




[UPDATED] R - Feast

Changes to the rules around Feast stacks.

FOOD MEMORY :: Cho’Gath no longer loses Feast stacks on death

FEED THE VOID :: Feast can now stack infinitely (only five stacks can be gained from minions and non-epic monsters, though they don’t have to be the first five)

NOT THAT FILLING :: Feast no longer heals Cho’Gath when it kills a unit at max stacks (nomming a sixth minion or non-epic monster doesn’t do anything beyond damage)

INDISCRIMINATE DIGESTION :: Feast no longer grants two stacks on champion kill or half mana and cooldown refund on minion kill

FOOD CRITIC :: Feast’s tooltip on the buff bar now tracks what Cho’s eaten

All the other stuff.

RATIO :: 0.7 ability power >>> 0.5 ability power and 10% bonus health

BONUS HEALTH PER STACK :: 100/140/180 >>> 80/110/140

BONUS HEALTH AT 6 STACKS :: 600/840/1080 >>> 480/660/840

MAXIMUM ATTACK RANGE BONUS :: +50 (175 attack range) >>> +75 (200 attack range)

LET’S NOT GO CRAZY HERE :: Cho’Gath reaches his maximum size (and bonus attack range) at 10 stacks




Passive - Traveler's Call

BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED :: 18%, plus 12% for each chime beyond the first >>> 24%, plus 14% for each chime beyond the first

MAX BONUS (5 CHIMES) :: 66% >>> 80%




NO HOVER SNAKES :: Cassiopeia’s tail now follows her realistically as she moves and turns


DIZZY SNAKE :: Flashing during R - Petrifying Gaze’s cast time no longer resets the direction the cone fires in. It now consistently fires in the direction Cassiopeia faced before Flashing. This addresses a bug that sometimes caused Petrifying Gaze’s visuals to not line up with the actual effect.


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R - Missile Barrage

Normal missile damage numbers:

BASE DAMAGE :: 100/130/160 >>> 75/100/125

TOTAL ATTACK DAMAGE RATIO :: 20/60/100% >>> 15/45/75%

ABILITY POWER RATIO :: 30% >>> 20%

Big One damage numbers:

BASE DAMAGE :: 150/195/240 >>> 150/200/250

TOTAL ATTACK DAMAGE RATIO :: 30/90/150% (unchanged)

ABILITY POWER RATIO :: 45% >>> 40%

AMMO RACK :: The number of missiles Corki has stored is now shown in his secondary resource bar. The resource bar turns red when the next missile is a Big One.




R - Curtain Call

SLOW DURATION :: 0.75 seconds >>> 0.5 seconds






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Q - Arcane Smash

COST :: 45 mana at all ranks >>> 45/50/55/60/65 mana

E - Sapling Toss

[REMOVED] FAT SAPLINGS :: Saplings no longer deal damage when they land (they still draw jungle monster aggro)




E - Essence Flux

Q BONUS DAMAGE VS FLUX’D TARGETS :: 40/55/70/85/100% >>> 40/50/60/70/80%


Yordle Finger Unification Pass

JHIN WOULD BE PROUD :: Various Yordle splashes and in-game models have been updated to all have four fingers


Armor Penetration Items


Youmuu's Ghostblade

LETHALITY :: 20 >>> 15


Riot Games

The Black Cleaver

BUILD PATH :: Phage + Caulfield's Warhammer + 850 gold (3100 total) >>> Phage + Kindlegem + 950 gold (3000 total)

HEALTH :: 300 >>> 400

ATTACK DAMAGE :: 50 >>> 40


Last Whisper

BUILD PATH :: Pickaxe + 425 gold (1300 total) >>> Long Sword + 950 gold (1300 total)


ATTACK DAMAGE :: 25 >>> 10


Lord Dominik's Regards

PASSIVE :: Deal +1.5% physical damage per ||| 50 >>> 100 maximum health difference against targets with greater max health than you (up to +15%)

MAXIMUM BONUS THRESHOLD :: 500 max health difference >>> 1000 max health difference


Giant Slayer

PASSIVE :: Deal +1% physical damage per ||| 50 >>> 100 maximum health difference against targets with greater max health than you (up to +10%)

MAXIMUM BONUS THRESHOLD :: 500 max health difference >>> 1000 max health difference



Riot Games

Knight's Vow

BUILD PATH :: Crystalline Bracer + Crystalline Bracer + Cloth Armor + 700 gold (2300 total) >>> Crystalline Bracer + Chain Vest + 850g (2300 total)

ARMOR :: 20 >>> 40


TETHER RANGE :: 900 >>> 1000


Fervor of Battle & Warlord’s Bloodlust

Fervor of Battle

STACK DURATION :: 6 seconds >>> 8 seconds

Warlord's Bloodlust

MAXIMUM BONUS :: 20% >>> 15%

Lower-Tier Mastery Tuning


Bounty Hunter


Double Edged Sword


BONUS DAMAGE TAKEN :: 2.5% >>> 1.5%

Battle Trance

BONUS DAMAGE MAX :: 5% >>> 3%

RAMP-UP :: Bonus ramps up over ||| 5 seconds >>> 3 seconds

Riot Games


BONUS DAMAGE :: Against champions below 40% health, deal ||| 1% bonus damage per rank (max 5%) >>> 0.6% bonus damage per rank (max 3%)


MANA REGENERATION :: 0.3% missing mana every 5 seconds per rank (max 1.5%) >>> 0.25% missing mana every 5 seconds per rank (max 1.25%)

LETHALITY :: 1.7 per rank (max 8.5) >>> 1.2 per rank (max 6)

FLAT MAGIC PENETRATION PER RANK :: 0.6 per rank (max 3) >>> 0.3 per rank (max 1.5)

SCALING MAGIC PENETRATION PER RANK :: 0.06 * level (max 0.3 * level) >>> 0.05 * level (max 0.25 * level)

TOTAL BONUS AT LEVEL 18, 5 RANKS :: 8.5 lethality + 8.4 magic penetration >>> 6 lethality + 6 magic penetration



BONUS RESISTANCES PER LEVEL :: 2 (max 36) >>> 1.5 (max 27) (baseline +10% bonus resistances unchanged)

Stealthed Trap Interactions

Trap Hitbox Adjustments

Traps are more easily targetable by melee champions.

R - Noxious Trap

MUSHROOM CIRCLE :: Now shows collision radius

TARGETABLE HITBOX :: 50 units >>> 125 units (collision radius unchanged)

E - Captive Audience

TARGETABLE HITBOX :: 50 units >>> 125 units (collision radius unchanged)

W - Bushwhack

TARGETABLE HITBOX :: 25 units >>> 50 units (collision radius unchanged)

W - Jack in the Box

TARGETABLE HITBOX :: 25 units >>> 50 units (collision radius unchanged)

SPOILED SURPRISE :: Jack in the Boxes now trigger when they’re revealed by a Sweeping Lens, Oracle’s Alteration, or Control Ward

Trap-Revealing Item Adjustments

Items that reveal traps no longer disable them.

Riot Games

Sweeping Lens

HOW LAZY :: No longer disables traps (still reveals them!)

CARRY-OVER :: Also affects Oracle’s Alteration

Control Ward

HOW LAZY :: No longer disables traps (still reveals them!)

Duskblade of Draktharr

HOW LAZY :: Duskblade’s Blackout passive no longer disables traps (still reveals them, and still disables wards!)

BUGFIX :: Champion clones (ex. Wukong’s <strong>W - Decoy</strong>) no longer instantly gains the Blackout passive when spawned

Game System Adjustments

Ward Reveal Rewards

WELL-EARNED :: Wards now grant full gold to both the player who revealed them and the player who killed them (bonuses don’t stack if the revealer also kills the ward)

BLOOMING BANKROLLS :: Scryer’s Bloom now ‘tags’ wards for the revealed bonus

OVEREXPOSURE :: If a ward is killed while revealed by two sources, the first source is the one that counts as having revealed the ward

THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN SILLY :: Permanently visible wards (Control Wards, Farsight Wards) don’t grant the revealed bonus

Catch-Up Experience

Riot Games

[NEW] Teamwork bonus experience

When you’re lower level than your team.

I’M STILL RELEVANT :: Earning a kill or assist while below your team’s average level now grants bonus experience

OFFICIALLY BEHIND :: Teamwork bonus experience kicks in at just over one full level behind your team’s average, scaling with XP (not level)

LET’S NOT GET TOO CRAZY :: The bonus scales slightly more aggressively at first, capping at +60% bonus experience at four full levels’ difference

Underdog bonus experience

[S] When you’re lower level than your opponent.

SUBTLE STUFF :: Bonus experience for kills/assists on higher-level champions has been slightly increased. (At 4 levels’ difference, this adds about 10% more bonus experience than before)

Turret First Blood

LOCAL BONUS :: 275 gold >>> 300 gold

[REM] GLOBAL BONUS :: No longer grants 25 gold to all teammates

TOTAL BONUS :: 400 gold >>> 300 gold

Rotating Game Modes

All Random Ultra Rapid Fire (ARURF) is back from 2/24/17 - 2/28/17 and 3/3/17 - 3/6/17.


  • Blackout passive no longer triggers individually on clones. We’re looking at you, Wukong
  • Fixed a bug where abilities with circle range indicators were not displaying them correctly across elevation change
  • Elise now correctly is not hit by turret missile projectiles during her E - Rappel invulnerability phase
  • Jhin’s fourth shot now correctly crits after he takes Thresh’s W - Dark Passage
  • Fixed a bug where Camille’s second cast of E - Hookshot wasn’t granting attack speed on hitting an enemy champion if she buffered her R - The Hextech Ultimatum
  • Kled now can correctly dash through player-created terrain with his second cast of E - Joust
  • Fixed a bug where Edge of Night’s active showed a radius when hovered over
  • Kha’Zix now no longer is prevented from using his R - Void Assault passive by being “in combat” when stepping on Honeyfruit or attacking plants
  • Fixed a bug where Gangplank got a massive Movement Speed boost upon killing multiple units with E - Powder Keg while being hit by Nautilus’ E - Riptide
  • Nasus no longer plays the SFX for R - Fury of the Sands for the whole duration if he is dead
  • Fixed a bug where clones killing the Rift Scuttler caused erratic behavior.
  • Fixed a bug where game scoreboard icons would overlap
  • The larger sphere from the Hexdrinker/Maw of Malmortius buff now appears in the appropriate location
  • Classic Anivia no longer uses Blackfrost Anivia’s falling particles for R - Glacial Storm
  • Buffs on Anivia now correctly align on her body even when she flies around for herQ - Flash Frost and R - Glacial Storm
  • Blackfrost Anivia no longer has two bones jut out of her neck when using her Joke emote. You could say we got rid of her funnybones.
  • Heartseeker Varus now correctly gets audio when hitting an enemy in Fog of War with Q - Piercing Arrow
  • Blood Lord Vladimir now correctly gets audio quotes when he attacks
  • Fixed a bug where Lunar Wraith Caitlyn’s Q - Piltover Peacemaker SFX were distorting when hitting multiple minions
  • Primetime Draven’s Q - Spinning Axe no longer incorrectly uses Pool Party Draven’s SFX
  • Fixed a bug where Urf the Nami-tee’s side fins bent outwards during her recall animation
  • Fixed a bug on Arcade Corki where his model didn’t immediately reappear after his recall animation.

Upcoming Skins

Festival Queen Anivia!