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Watch Bjergsen play the first competitive Zoe game at All-Stars 2017

Bjergsen showed exactly what the newest champion can do in the North America’s huge win over Brazil.

During the first game of the 2017 All-Star Event North American mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg showed exactly why many thought Zoe would be banned for the entire tournament.

While the game started slow for Bjerg, who played a fairly safe laning phase, things quickly started to pick up during the mid game where he found picks with Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble. By the time the match reached the mid game, he was almost completely unstoppable ending teamfights before they could even begin with his Paddle Star.

Bjerg ended the game with an extremely impressive 7/1/8 scoreline, with his one death coming as an execute to the fountain as the match was ending. As for damage, Bjerg managed to do more than anyone else in the game by almost double, giving a little more evidence that Zoe may be a little too strong at the moment. It seems that Bjerg himself agrees, in the post game interview, he mentioned that he thought Brazil leaving Zoe unbanned was definitely a mistake.