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Rush comes back to competitive League, joins kt Rolster

He’s back, but not in NA. :(

Kt Rolster has announced that former Team Impulse and Cloud9 jungler Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae will be playing for the team come spring.

Lee has been a player of mystery since departing from Cloud9 in 2016. Fans have been wondering what he had been planning to do since his leave, playing mainly solo queue in Korea. Many fans assumed he was re-joining Cloud9 for the upcoming season due to a teasing tweet from organization founder and CEO Jack Etienne, though it ended up being a joke.

Lee is known for his play on Lee Sin and Nidalee and being fairly aggressive in the jungle. His style always preferred carrying games himself instead of spoon-feeding allies in order for them to carry.

In the announcement, kt also announced Son “Ucal” Woo-hyun as the team’s mid laner and Son “Sonstar” Seung-ik as the coach. The team did fairly well last year with a star studded roster, getting second and third place in the LCK Spring and Summer Playoffs respectively. The team fell short during LCK Regional Finals and lost 0-3 to Samsung Galaxy.