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12 things you could have done instead of watching that 80 minute All-Stars game

I feel like I’m still watching that game.

In case you weren’t aware, Game 3 of the All-Stars final match between the LPL and the LMS lasted for one hour, 20 minutes and six seconds. That is a very long game of League of Legends. To make matters worse, there were only 28 kills in that entire game. 28 kills in 80 minutes is an average of one kill every 2.8 minutes, which is horrifyingly slow.

For this week’s Exit, Pursued by a Volibear, we’re going to explore a few of the other things you could have done instead of watching an 80 minute game of League.

Here are some other things you could have done in a similar time frame:

  • Played your own League game
  • Watched the entirety of Toy Story (1995)
  • Read most of the lore Riot has released for League of Legends this year
  • Taken such a long bath that you needed to shower immediately after (shower included in 80 minute timeline)
  • Downloaded, installed and gotten bored with Heroes of the Storm
  • Gotten killed at least 4 times in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Played 15 matches of ARAM
  • Read all of the content put on this website over the past week
  • Taken a nap (although, let’s be serious, if you were watching that game live you definitely did this one, too)
  • Learned the foundations of a new language
  • Fixed that one broken thing in your house that you’ve been putting off for years
  • Spent a meaningful amount of time with a real life human being

Things you could NOT have gotten done in a similar time frame:

  • Played a match of Dota 2

All I’m saying is maybe Austen’s and my idea to give Baron legs at 60 minutes so he can roam the map is a pretty good one. Make it happen Riot, we can test it out the next time the LPL plays the LMS.

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