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Golden Guardians reveal roster featuring Hai, Contractz and more

The team will be coached by TSM alumni Locodoco.

The Golden Guardians’ long awaited roster has finally been announced. The team, owned by the same forces behind the Golden State Warriors NBA team, is filled with LCS veterans.

In the top lane, we have Sam “Lourlo” Jackson, previously of Team Liquid. Juan “Contractz” Garcia will be playing in the jungle, presumably ganking for Hai Lam, who will be the team’s mid laner. In the bot lane, Matthew “Deftly” Chen will be playing AD Carry with Matt Elento on support.

Garcia and Lam are both veterans from Cloud9, although Lam played for FlyQuest during the 2017 season. Elento joins Jackson as the second Liquid veteran to play for the Golden Guardians. Chen is a new face for the premier league. He played in the Challenger Series on eUnited during season 7.

Veteran LCS coach and former LCK player, Choi “Locodoco” Yoonsup, returns to the LCS to coach the Golden Guardians. Former Phoenix1 analyst Tyler “Akiri” Perron has also joined the coaching staff as Choi’s assistant coach.

To round out their announcement post, the Golden Guardians also announced that they would field a academy team. This academy team will be coached by Tanner “Zeu” Deegan, who they refer to as “a first-year coach with a competitive esports background.” Deegan has previously worked with eUnited and Tempo Storm. The roster for said team has yet to be announced fully.