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Uzi wins his second 1v1 title in a row at All-Stars 2017

Uzi took down North America’s Bjergsen in a tense three game series.

Riot Games

The 2017 All-Stars 1v1 tournament has come to a close after a fierce battle between the 2015 champion Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg and 2016’s winner Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao. After a fantastic series that went to all three games, Jian became the first two time champion in All-Stars 1v1 history.

In the first match, Bjerg locked in Zoe, League of Legends’ newest champion and pressured Jian’s Kalista relentlessly, showing just how good the champion could be in the hands of an experienced played. But at almost nine minutes, Bjerg pushed his aggression a little too far, Jian landed a few auto attacks and it turned out to be enough to take Bjerg down and win the first match.

For game two, the players both picked mid lane champions, with Bjerg on Taliyah and Jian on Syndra. Bjerg used the same strategy he made work against star LCK midlaner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, by aggressively pushing minion waves on Taliyah helping him close out game two to even up the series.

The final match of the series Bjerg went with Ryze, while Jian picked the same Kalista that helped him win game one. This time, the game was never out of Jian’s hands as he controlled the minion wave and won every trade, helping him to close out the series and take his second consecutive All-Stars 1v1 championship.