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Both 2017 Worlds finalists were upset in the KeSPA Cup semifinals

Peanut found success against his former team!

Riot Games

The KeSPA Cup has never been like other tournaments. It’s the first major region tournament on the preseason patch, so each year’s KeSPA Cup has more than a few upsets, strange picks and unexpected results. Add on to that the fact that most teams are still experimenting with their rosters, and you have the perfect tournament to pass some time in the off-season.

This year the upsets have come all at once in the semifinals where Worlds runners-up SK telecom T1 took on Longzhu Gaming and World Champions Samsung Galaxy faced off against kt Rolster with both Worlds finalists losing to their opponents.

The first series gave Longzhu jungler, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho the chance to go up against his former team SKT. In only his second time playing with Longzhu Gaming, he proved to be absolutely incredible, going 9/1/11 on Sejuani in the first game, helping Longzhu make short work of SKT in a 2-0 sweep.

Meanwhile, kt Rolster and Samsung played a slightly closer series, but ultimately kt came out of the series on top 2-1. The difference maker for kt Rolster turnedd out to be AD Carry Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu, who proved in game three that Miss Fortune is more than just a support, going 7/1/6 and ultimately carrying the game.

The KeSPA Cup Finals will be a best of five series between kt Rolster and Longzhu Gaming and will take place on Saturday at 3:00 a.m. EST. While the match won’t be streamed in English, the Korea broadcast can be seen on the KeSPA Youtube channel.