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The Blue Essence shop Mystery Champion icons, ranked

Number one will absolutely not shock you.

Riot Games

With the Blue Essence shop brought around new lovely summoner icons for players to buy!

Each icon is 2,500 BE each, though you get them randomly. If you want the Ezreal icon, you could get seven other icons before you eventually get your mitts on him.

Which one is the best? What icons should you be trying to get? The answer is obvious.

Here are the icons ranked:

8. Lux

This is nice and cute, but I do wish there was some more detail here. This icon would be great to match with your squad to intimidate the enemy team, though.

7. Katarina

Yes, we get it, Katarina is very edgy and dangerous. That’s why she’s posed like that. It feels like a pretty boring icon especially in comparison to the others.

6. Miss Fortune

Something about this icon is underwhelming. She’s posed nicely, but the coloring on her top feels flat and she’s not even firing her guns! Where are the effects, Riot??

5. Twisted Fate

This icon is okay. He has his yellow card and looks menacing. It just feels a little bit too dark.

4. Ezreal

This chibi version of Ezreal’s splash art is nice on the eyes. The blue effects are bright, but a nice color and Ezreal looks like his usual cocky self!

3. Morgana

I feel weird about Morgana because now when I think about her, I think of a cat. Even so, this icon is pretty good. It’s appropriately evil and action-y, showing our favorite fallen angel working her magic.

2. Taric

That smug face expression, those gems, that hair! Everything about this icon is great. There needs to be more Taric content in this game, but we’re satisfied with this little icon.

1. Wukong

This is hands down the best icon. Look how cute and happy he is. You don’t have to be a Wukong fan to think this is the most wholesome summoner icon in the entire game. Even if you have to spend all 20,000 BE to grab it, he’s worth every penny.