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Varus receives updated lore with comic and music video

It’s a huge story told in three parts.

Riot Games

Earlier this year we saw Darius, Jinx, Ziggs, Nami and Miss Fortune all get special comics to explain their updated lore through the Nexus website. Varus is now the latest to get this treatment, but not only with one comic.

Varus’ lore is thoroughly explained in two comics with a music video in between.

To experience the story in the right order, you should read Act 1, listen and watch Act 2 and then read Act 3.

The artist behind Act 1 is Stephanie Hans, who has done covers for Storm, Journey into Mystery and many more. Act 3 is drawn by Marco Rudy, who has drawn for Marvel’s Civil War II and Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier. The art in both comics is stunning, with the first being more traditional and the second being more colorful without traditional paneling.

The music video feels emotional and epic, but you have to watch it for yourself below. Just make sure you read through Act 1 first!