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Zoe and Targon’s lore is dropping hints of something big to come

Aurelion Sol is also her “Space Doggy” apparently?

Riot Games

With the release of Zoe, Riot revealed quite a bit of work that has gone into the Mount Targon lore remaster. This project seemed to start with the release of Aurelion Sol and the update of Taric, and plenty more has been added to support the Aspect of Twilight.

Reading Zoe’s bio, you get an odd idea of who she actually is. She is both a god and a human child. From one of the small villages around Targon, Zoe was chosen to become the Aspect of Twilight because of her obnoxious quest for permanent stimulation and glee.

She was offered a portal to another realm after ignoring her studies completely and forcing her teachers to chase her around the mount. Amused by her, the Aspect of Twilight essentially possessed her. She has now re-emerged back on Runeterra, having left behind the dimensional realm that she had been hanging out in.

Riot Games

Zoe is a messenger of sorts. She is an aspect, which appears to be a dimensional spirit that embodies a mortal. The Aspect of Twilight and Zoe are now one, after she stepped through its portal. Yet Zoe maintains her childlike nature and will for all eternity. In her short story, Zoe is experiencing some trouble with her powers on Runeterra, citing a message she has yet to deliver as the issue.

When reading the story about Mount Targon, it speaks about aspects finding those who are worthy. This is usually done through a treacherous mountain climb but can obviously occur other ways. Mount Targon is a place surrounded by cosmic energy, so it seems, as both Zoe and Aurelion Sol seem to call it home.

Both of the Zoe stories and the Mount Targon story do seem to have something odd in common. They seem to hint at an event coming, something greater than just Mount Targon. It is suggested that many aspects are walking the earth at once, something extremely uncommon in the history of Runeterra.

These powerful beings are here for a reason, but it seems that we’ll have to wait to see what it is.