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Zoe is the most fun champion in any match she’s in

It doesn’t matter what team she’s on, she’s perfect.

With the holiday week here in America, we wanted to keep things relatively brief this week. But after a few days of playing with and against her, I had to talk about Zoe, the Aspect of Twilight. Zoe is League’s newest champion and I am unsure if I have ever loved a champion more.

Her look is delightful, her personality is silly and she has one of the coolest kits in the game. But the thing that I love most about Zoe is that all of that remains true despite having never played her in a live environment. Sure I tested her on the PBE, but she’s in the Wild West now.

Zoe manages to be this semi-perfect champion who is extremely fun to play with and against. From those I’ve talked to and in my personal testing experience, she is also fun to play as. How often does a new champion come out and make you this hyped to play more? When she gets locked in on my team, I get excited. When she gets locked in on the enemy team, I also get excited.

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Maybe this is all just some weird side effect of being a jungler, where I have to deal with every champion in the game over its entirety, but seeing her show up in my games is fun! Other champions have brought a presence of, “Who knows what they do, this champ seems OP, this one is bad, LOL I can’t believe they picked Ornn GG.” Zoe is different and it seems like everyone is curious about her.

I think that comes from her look and how much she effects the game. If Zoe is there, you can see spell shards lying on the ground. You don’t have to ask if Jhin healed or not, you can literally see it sitting there in front of you.

She is unpredictable and fun to watch. When most new champs are revealed, I get excited to see how they will thrive in pro play and curious to see if they’ll get picked up. Zoe is a completely different story, because I can already see the best of the best doing incredible things with her kit.

It’s rare for me to get this excited about a new champion for a role I don’t play. I’ve seen jungle Zoe and I wouldn’t recommend it. She brings a positive air to every game she’s in. She looks fun, she sounds fun and she promotes fun. She is fun.

Maybe we’ve had too many fiery rams and demon possessed soldiers this year or maybe a character who simply exudes joy is exactly who we need to finish out 2017.

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