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NA LCS Scouting Grounds returns for 2017 with 20 of the best solo queue players

All 10 LCS teams will hope to find their future stars!

Riot Games

North America’s LCS Scouting Grounds will return for its second year later this month, with an event being held from November 26 to December 3. This time, 20 players have been invited to join the competition and vie for a spot in one of the 10 NA LCS Franchises.

Just like last year, the event will be held in a tournament format with the 20 players split into four different teams, each coached by an NA LCS organization. After a week of training together, the teams will face off in a round-robin group stage to determine who will meet in the best of three finals and third place matches.

Following the conclusion of the finals the NA LCS will hold its first ever draft, with all 10 teams having the chance to select one player from the Scouting Grounds for their roster. The teams will receive exclusive rights to try out and sign the player they draft, for either their LCS or Academy League team, within a 21 day window.

For the first time, the final and third place matches will be streamed to audiences as well as a live audience in the NA LCS Battle Arena.

Riot has released the full list of 20 players that can be viewed here.