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We want these quality of life improvements in League

This list is actually shorter than we thought it would be.

Riot Games

Riot has done a pretty good job listening to League players in the past year. They’ve reworked Yorick, let us have a sandbox mode and even renamed Twitch’s ultimate ability back to Spray and Pray (from Rat-a-tat-tat).

This isn’t surprising, seeing how Rioters are constantly interacting with the fans on Reddit, Twitter and League’s own forum. If you guys are out there reading this, can you add these changes, too? Pretty please?

Show us our ping in the client.

Sometimes our internet acts up when we don’t expect it to and we don’t know this until we get into game and we’re sitting at 500 ping, unable to do anything for our team. I don’t really want to load into a custom every day before I start playing with my friends, so ...

Let us report people in champion select.

I don’t like being held hostage in my ranked games by a bigot. If a person is being hateful in champion select, players should be allowed to report them and leave the game with no LP loss or banishment to low priority queue.

Of course, this has ways of being abused, but I’m sure Riot can think of a way to prevent this ... right?

Make loot matter more.

I love a good loot box, but Riot seems interested in really starving me out here. The chest and key system is fun, but I don’t get to engage with it nearly as often as I would like. The purely RNG based key system is a little frustrating and it makes winning a chest from an end game lobby feel pretty bad.

Now some changes, like blue essence replacing IP, is hitting in the preseason to help integrate the crafting system into more of the game. But will this fix the actual rewards? Will I be able to open a chest more than once a week? Will those chests contain anything other than champion shards for champions I already own? Beats me.

The loot system in League is very fun, but I would love to see a smarter loot system that knows what I already have as well as an easier way to get keys. Maybe there could be a daily log in bonus? Maybe there could be daily quests that unlock keys? Hopefully we’ll see some quality of life changes to loot boxes soon.

Okay, this list is actually shorter than I thought it would be, with a way to view owned skins in client coming and runes being made free in preseason. I guess Riot has been doing their job.