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New York Yankees make investment partnership with Echo Fox parent company Vision Esports

The Yankees are making the leap to esports.

NY Yankees,

The New York Yankees announced Thursday morning that the team has made an investment partnership with Vision Esports, the controlling shareholder of Echo Fox, Twin Galaxies and Vision Entertainment.

This is the Yankees’ first foray into the esports world, something that many traditional sports teams are expanding towards with franchising approaching for both League of Legends North American LCS and Overwatch’s League.

Echo Fox, the esports team included in this deal, was founded last year by former NBA player Rick Fox, and currently competes in a variety of different games, most notably League of Legends, though it’s currently unconfirmed whether or not they will be included in Riot’s upcoming franchising of the North American league.

The other two properties included in this deal include Vision Entertainment, a company that produces original esports content and Twin Galaxies, a longtime keeper of stats and records in gaming that just recently announced expansion into running esports leagues.