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Here’s what League emotes we’re using

Different strokes for different folks.

With the ability to use up to seven different emotes per game, what emotes should you use? That’s a great question, and we have some answers for you.

We at The Rift Herald are all pretty different in champion tastes, playstyles and the like. Maybe one of our emote sets will help you decide what you want to equip.


Right now, I honestly only have the SKT T1 Worlds emote and the basic Thumbs Up emote equipped. I haven’t decided quite yet whether or not I want to spend money on these, but maybe after some of my friends buy and equip them, the peer pressure will kick in. This is now inaccurate, because as I waited for Ryan and Austen to add their parts, I bought a bunch of emotes. I am weak. Anyway, continuing to which ones I’ll use ...

I know for sure that I do want that “According to Plan” Vayne emote. Did I make a good play? Flash that Vayne emote. Did I fail flash? Flash that emote. It’s perfect for any situation, and Vayne is one of my favorite champs.

“Despair” Amumu is another close contender, for the same reason. I probably make more mistakes than I do good plays, so I can flash that every time I screw up. I kind of want the “Clean” Fiora emote to set to flash if I win a game just because something about it is so obnoxious ...

I will equip no cheering or thumbs up emotes because I don’t want to cheer my team on. I’m extremely toxic and I hate my teammates.


Finally, getting to the stuff that matters on the Before I get into my own personal picks, these emotes are too friendly. Nothing quite matches the shit-heel level that flashing your mastery does. So just know going into this that I am already a little upset.

The Vel’Koz “Salutations” emote is beautiful. First, you have a delightfully cute Vel’Koz, which is very nice. Second, it looks like he is waving at you, which is awesome if you want to mercilessly taunt someone that you just beat down. Of course, if you want to be pleasant, this emote is adorable so it works there too. Basically, this thing is very versatile.

In terms of getting away with something, I have considered a few options. The Darius one entitled “You’re Next” is maybe a bit much. The Lux nice try emote comes with a similar level of “I don’t like looking at this because it freaks me out.” Therefore, only one stellar option remains: Ziggs “Gonna be a Blast” emote. Imagine watching someone escape from a sick play you have made only to flash this at you when they live. Instant anger, just how emotes should be.

I have of course saved the best emote for last. The Blitzcrank “Does Not Compute” emote is everything that an emote should be and more. It communicates a confusion in what has happened. This is perfect for serious questions posed at a weird play or, even better, thrown at a enemy player after a sick fail flash. This is the emote to express the same sentiment as “/all it’s OK INSERT CHAMPION NAME, nobody saw that.” It’s in good spirits and isn’t too mean. But it is funny.

Maybe you’re thinking “Wow, all of your things are about being mean to people.” To that I say, have you ever played League of Legends and seen someone flash a mastery for any reason other than to be obnoxious? I haven’t. You haven’t either. I didn’t invent the system man, I just play by its rules.


Emotes are incredibly fun and exciting, or I thought they were. Then I saw the client and realized I didn’t really care. Sure, they are friendly looking and inviting and some of them are oriented at taunting opponents — good — or allowing you to further shame yourself after an embarrassing death — great — but none of them stood out to me or made much of a connection.

Which is why I’m glad they threw in some esports related content too. While flashing a team’s logo may not be as fun as a giant grinning cupcake after death, it gives fans another way to show that their team matters to them and that’s always a plus. And with franchising on the way, it’s also another way to connect the pro players we watch do incredibly things on the weekends, and our own time in the game.

Overall, I think emotes have a long way to go. As they are, they don’t do much to differentiate themselves with Facebook stickers and that’s not particularly appealing. But, that’s not what really matters. What matters is what comes later. My hope is that Riot will open emote creation up to outside sources.

Not just the esports teams that are franchised, but to community creators as well, while allowing both a share of the profits from the emote. It would be a nice way to make the emotes more personal and interesting, while also creating a nice signifier that you’re a fan of someone’s work and their community.