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Evelynn’s lore reveals her as one of League’s most pure evil champion

She is also one of the oldest being in Runeterra.

Evelynn’s rework has she been released onto live servers, but what is a good champion without a little story? In celebration of her new release, Riot has revealed her biography as well as a short story to go with it.

Eve is not a woman corrupted by power, turned to darkness. Her story is not sad. Instead, she is a being almost as old as Runeterra itself. Her lore tells the tale of a small demonic seed that floated, pointlessly, across the planet. However, when the great Rune Wars happened, the world became filled with anguish, hate and despair. The demon, who we would come to know as Evelynn, fed on these feelings and blossomed.

Not much is known about the Rune Wars. If you look closely at some skin names, you can see that Renekton actually has a skin named after them. All we really know is that this was an ancient war fought in Runeterra. It came before Demacia, Noxus, Zaun and Piltover. The battles shaped the world and colored its inhabitants, turning it into the Runeterra that we know today.

The feelings that nurtured Eve dissipated once the dust of war settled. To continue to feed, to survive, Evelynn decided that she would find and cause her own pain. She grew and learned how to mimic human desires. She would lure humans with their deepest, most primordial desires, and then torture them until there was nothing left. Their pain and fear would feed and sustain her for that much longer. She has been hunting for longer than most champions have been alive.

She longs for the return of war to Runterra, so that all may suffer and scream.

In Eve’s short story “The Tallest Daisy,” some insight is given on how she chooses her victims. If you are looking for a sad story about a demon who loves to torture, give it a read. Aside from the Rune Wars, Eve’s lore doesn’t actually offer much in terms of overall world building and she doesn’t have any obvious connections with other champions.

If you read and enjoyed Eve’s story, there are a couple things you should consider checking out. The film It (2017) is rather similar, as the monster feeds on fear. If you want a stranger film that depicts a similarly demonic, succubus like creature, watch Under the Skin (2013).