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Miss Fortune and Vayne buffs could bring them back for Worlds

Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well.

Riot Games

The AD carry meta is shifting around thanks to the balance changes Riot put on in the recent patches. Ashe has been hit with the nerf hammer twice over the last three patches and Miss Fortune and Vayne have both been buffed! Sivir and Jhin have also been nerfed. Could it be...? Is the era of Ashe-Sivir-Jhin-and-sometimes-Lucian over?

With the changes that added tower first blood, the lane swap meta is over. Standard lanes have returned to League of Legends and that means heavy utility carries aren’t going to be worth as much as snowballing lane-winning carries.

As shows, there has been an intense correlation between getting the first tower and winning the game.

Miss Fortune’s buff made it so her Love Tap passive now deals 100 percent damage to towers. (Before, it only dealt 50 percent.) In the current meta where everyone wants first tower for that juicy gold bonus, Miss Fortune is as valuable as ever.

She reappeared in the meta shortly after the marksmen rework, but only saw a little bit of action since Riot nerfed her Make It Rain ability. Before, she was a monster in lane, since Make It Rain easily activated Thunderlord’s Decree.

Miss Fortune is still a difficult lane opponent to go against, since she has the ability to be extremely aggressive from afar. Her Double Up ability forces the enemy laners to position themselves carefully around their minions. If they’re not careful, a Miss Fortune with a B.F Sword could chunk them for almost half of their health as a punishment for standing behind a minion.

She pairs extremely well with aggressive supports like Blitzcrank and Thresh, since her positioning punishes people who stand behind minions.

Her ultimate, Bullet Time, is also a major shredder and is able to completely decimate enemies who get caught in it. It does leave her extremely vulnerable since she has to stand still while casting it, though.

However, since most of Miss Fortune’s strengths are reliant on the enemies making mistakes, she’s not a very reliable pick.

Miss Fortune has only been picked three times throughout the Summer Split in premier leagues even though she was a hot pick throughout the Spring Split.

Riot Games

The Night Hunter hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time, and when she did in premier leagues, she didn’t do too hot. Sporting a 44 percent win rate throughout season 6, Vayne was not a great pick. When she won games, she stomped them, but when she lost, it was clear that she couldn’t jump back into the match. However, the damage changes to her should give her a bit of a fair fight against enemy laners.

Vayne has had big buffs for her Tumble, including making it so the empowered auto-attack can damage turrets and inhibitors. The damage percentage has also been buffed significantly from 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 percent AD to 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 AD.

Vayne is an extremely tricky pick because she’s easily countered by long-range AD-carries who can poke her down bad during laning phase. She, similarly to Miss Fortune, is very good at capitalizing on the enemy’s mistakes using her Condemn.

Whether or not we’ll see the two in competitive play for Worlds is unknown, but the two are definitely worth taking for a spin in your solo queue games.