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New Caitlyn figure hits the Riot shop

Meet the long gun of the law.

A new detailed figure of Caitlyn is the most recent addition to the League of Legends figure collection. Alongside Thresh, Ziggs and Twisted Fate, Caitlyn is on the case!

The figure is $60 and can be ordered through the Riot Games merch shop.

This is Riot’s fresh attempt at a human face since the Ahri statue incident. The Ahri statue that Riot wanted to release ended up being so ugly that fans screeched about it until Riot promised to rework it and re-release it. (It has still not been re-released.)

Ziggs is a yordle, Thresh is a Shadow Isles thing and Twisted Fate’s hat covers a majority of his face. So, did Riot get human faces right this time? The answer: Eh.

Caitlyn looks okay, especially for the price. The other statues have all been more expensive (but also more detailed.) The yordle snap-trap next to her feet is a cute touch as well.

Caitlyn has actually already received a limited edition statue in a Chinese collaboration with the artist “Mars,” according to However only 200 of these statues were made and they’re all long gone. (You can easily find knock-offs online, though.)

Well, the new Caitlyn certainly looks better than the old Caitlyn and the Ahri statue, but Riot still has ways to go when it comes to producing high-quality figures.