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5 things to know about Patch 6.18, the one Worlds will be played on

Huge nerfs, new skins and most importantly: Yorick!

Riot Games

This week brings us patch 6.18, which is the patch that Worlds is going to be played on. There are some huge changes in here for champions that are big in the competitive scene as well as the release of Yorick’s rework.

This patch is very obviously focused on the competitive scene, with most of the balance changes following champions that are big professional hitters. (What will Cloud9’s top-laner Impact do about the Gnar nerf?)

Yorick is here!

Yorick’s much ancitipated rework is here for all to enjoy, so get on the Rift and spam him until nobody wants to see him ever again. Yorick will be disabled during Worlds because of how new he is.

Riot Games

Miss Fortune and Lux get buffed

Miss Fortune has been lacking in the bot lane for a bit, but now her Love Tap passive works fully (instead of at half) on towers, making her a valuable pick in the current meta. When the first tower is worth so much, doing extra damage to it is very helpful. Lux’s slow from her E has been buffed, giving her better catch and kite potential.

Major nerfs to competitive champions (and Yasuo)

Some of the major competitive juggernauts like Ekko, Gnar, Taliyah, Rek’Sai and Vladimir have been hit with the nerf hammer. Since this is the patch that Worlds will be played on, these changes could cause some huge shifts when it comes to priority picks for the pros, but make sure you’re educated about what the changes are before you queue up for battle.

And those Yasuo nerfs you’ve been waiting for are finally here:

Invulnerability HUD

After being tested on PBE, the invuneralbility indicators are here! Now when facing off against champions like Taric and Kayle, you’ll be able to tell if they can’t take damage with a shiny golden border around their health bars.

Riot Games

Chef skins and Championship Zed are coming!

This patch includes the high anticipated chef-themed skin set. The set has Baker Pantheon, Barbeque Leona, Sashimi Akali and Butcher Olaf and they look delicious. Championship Zed is also going to be released! We can probably anticipate the other Championship skins returning out of the vault, including Championship Riven for the first time.