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New chromas are coming for Lunar Goddess Diana, Debonair Ezreal and more

Malphite looks like he’s ready to star in Fast and Furious 8.

Riot Games

Chromas for Lunar Goddess Diana, Debonair Ezreal, Battle Bunny Riven and Mecha Malphite were revealed on Instagram.

PBE Preview: Chromas - Lunar Goddess Diana, Debonair Ezreal, Battle Bunny Riven, Mecha Malphite

A video posted by leagueoflegends (@leagueoflegends) on

The video showed off Diana rotating between her set of chromas and a single standard color for the rest.

Ezreal’s sporting some new designs on his formal wear, looking a little snazzier than the typical Debonair look.

Riven is also sporting a new look with red hair, instead of her usual platinum blonde, and a purple bunny suit.

Mecha Malphite looks like he’s spotting a racing stripe up his arm to give him a new theme.

Riot has been taking slightly new directions with chroma skins, including letting them be bought with IP during certain special periods. The last batch of chroma skins brought about more detail, including spots on Cottontail Teemo and more color variations available. The detail coming through really shines in these new chroma skins as well!

We can expect these chroma skins in the upcoming PBE cycle to be tested out.