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Reworked Yorick’s new champion spotlight is here

It’s about to get spooky on the rift.

It’s Yorick week! The long-awaited rework is finally arriving, and the occasion can now be celebrated with the release of his new champion spotlight video.

The spotlight suggests Trinity Force, Maw of Malmortius and Dead Man’s Plate as his core items, with makes sense with his split-push-centered kit.

Other things to know:

  • Yorick can’t have more than four ghouls active at any time
  • If Yorick is below half-health, his Q heals for twice as much
  • Allies can walk through Yorick’s W, while enemies can destroy it with auto-attacks
  • It’s best to trade with either ghouls or the Maiden of the Mist, his ultimate
  • Ghouls can’t be controlled, but they will attack targets marked by Yorick’s E
  • The Maiden of the Mist can split-push without Yorick

For more on Yorick’s rework, click here for a breakdown of his ability and here for his very spooky new vocal track. We’ll also have a guide coming out later this week!