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Let’s make Worlds’ strongest possible Group of Death

Sure, why not?

Riot Games

With the conclusion of the Regional Finals in Europe and North America, all 16 teams have been decided for this year’s League of Legends World Championship in North America. You can find them all right here.

Right now, the teams are split into three pools. Four teams are in Pool 1 (the champions of the four best-performing regions at MSI), eight are in Pool 2 and four are in Pool 3 (the lowest LCS seeds and international wild card teams).

The teams will drafted into groups of four during the Group Stage selection show this coming Saturday. Each group will have one team from Pool 1, two from Pool 2 and one from Pool 3. No group can have more than one team from a specific region.

With a host of super-talented teams in Pool 2, including defending Worlds champions SK Telecom T1, European champions G2 Esports, MSI finalists Counter Logic Gaming and Spring LPL champions Royal Never Give Up, there’s certainly going to be at least one Group of Death. So let’s mock some up!

Try these potential groups on for size:

Scenario A:

  1. ROX Tigers
  2. Royal Never Give Up
  3. G2 Esports
  4. Cloud9

Scenario B:

  1. EDward Gaming
  2. SK Telecom T1
  3. G2 Esports
  4. Cloud9

Scenario C:

  1. Flash Wolves
  2. Royal Never Give Up
  3. SK Telecom T1
  4. Cloud9

Scenario D:

  1. Team SoloMid
  2. SK Telecom T1
  3. Royal Never Give Up
  4. Splyce

In my opinion, Scenario C is the scariest. Flash Wolves have shown themselves to be fearsome international opponents before, Royal Never Give Up and SK Telecom T1 are two of the best teams in the world and Cloud9 is playing tremendous League recently (led by a seemingly unstoppable Impact in the top lane, going up against his former team).

Which group would you like to see? Here are the pools, for a refresher:

Pool 1 – ROX Tigers (LCK No. 1 seed), EDward Gaming (LPL No. 1 seed), Flash Wolves (LMS No. 1 seed), Team SoloMid (NALCS No. 1 seed)

Pool 2 – G2 (EULCS No. 1 seed), H2K (EULCS No. 2 seed), SK Telecom T1 (LCK No. 2 seed), Samsung Galaxy (LCK No. 3 seed), Counter Logic Gaming (NALCS No. 2 seed), Royal Never Give Up (LPL No. 2 seed), IMay (LPL No. 3 seed), ahq e-Sports Club (LMS No. 2 seed)

Pool 3 – Splyce (EULCS No. 3 seed), Cloud9 (NALCS, No. 3 seed), INTZ e-Sports (IWC), Albus NoX Luna (IWC)

Let us know in the comments!