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Watch this incredible cross-map Ashe arrow right now or we can’t be friends

WhiteLotus, I bow to thee.

The breakout star of the International Wild Card has undoubtedly been Lyon Gaming’s Argentinian AD Carry Matías "WhiteLotus" Musso, leading the Latin America North team to a surprise 6-1 start to the tournament.

He entered Sunday second in the tournament in kills (6.29 per game), third in K/D/A (9.50), first in CS per minute (10.16) and gold per minute (490) and second in kill share (39.6 percent of his team’s kills).

Sunday, in the team’s deciding final series of the tournament against Russia’s Albus Nox Luna -- winner goes to Worlds, loser goes home -- WhiteLotus came through once again with one of the most incredible Ashe arrows you’ll ever see.

I would like to pretend I regularly land arrows like this, especially when playing with the banned-in-pro-play PROJECT: Ashe skin, but I am no WhiteLotus. None of us are WhiteLotus. And now chances are looking pretty good you’ll be able to see him at Worlds.