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Cloud9 sweeps Team EnVy and advances to gauntlet finals

They’ll be going against Immortals in the finals.

Riot Games

Cloud9 brought home the 3-0 against Team EnVy in the second round of the Worlds qualifiers. The leads in the games were devastating and despite EnVy winning some fights and trying to turn things around, Cloud9 were able to shut them down.

Eon-young “Impact” Jung did some serious work in Game 1 on Gnar. Not only did he hit massive ultimates that led to winning team fights, but he was able to solo kill the enemy top-laner by himself multiple times. He gave us a look at this diverse champion pool, playing Gnar, Ekko and even Yasuo throughout this series.

William “Meteos” Hartman also showed what he could do, leading fights as Rek’Sai. There were times he was punished for his aggression, but he was able to excellently engage when he was with the rest of the team.

Benjamin “LOD” deMunck of Team EnVy had several excellent plays on Jhin, and though fans expected him to pick the same champion in Game 3, he actually played Varus while mid-laner Geon-woo “Ninja” Noh played Jhin.

Some pros were shocked and confused at the choice, but some of them had expected it.

Though the sweep was extremely one sided, Cloud9 will duke it out against Immortals for a ticket to Worlds on Monday starting after the EU LCS gauntlet ends.