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How to watch the 2016 EU LCS Gauntlet

Giants, UOL, Fnatic and Splyce square off for Europe’s last spot at Worlds.

Riot Games

The playoffs have concluded in all major regions, meaning we know most of the teams going to Worlds, but there are still a few yet to be decided. It’s Gauntlet time!

If you need a refresher, here’s how it works: the top four teams in each region that didn’t qualify for Worlds play in a king-of-the-hill style tournament. That means the bottom two teams face off first, with the winner facing the next-best team and the winner of that facing off against the top team in the finals.

In the case of Europe, that top team is Splyce — win one best-of-five, and a Worlds spot is theirs. But to do so, they’ll likely have to face against an in-form Unicorns of Love or against Fnatic, a team that has never missed Worlds.

Whichever team wins will join G2 Esports and H2K as Europe’s representatives at Worlds. Last year, Fnatic, Origen and H2K were Europe’s trio at the tournament.

All games will be broadcast live on the Lolesports website as well as on the EU LCS Twitch channel and on YouTube. All series will be in a best-of-five format and will start at 11 a.m. ET.


Saturday, September 3

11 a.m. ET: Giants Gaming vs. Unicorns of Love

Sunday, September 4

11 a.m. ET: Fnatic vs. Round 1 winner

Monday, September 5

11 a.m. ET: Splyce vs. Round 2 winner