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Singed is disabled after a very weird Baron bug

Uh, that’s not how this is supposed to work.

Riot Games

Update: Singed has been disabled in-client due to the bug.

One of the changes in Patch 6.19 was to Singed, everyone’s favorite “oh god stay away” champion. Previously, his Q, Poison Trail, only ticked once per second, doing a set amount of damage. Now, it does the same amount of damage, but spread out over four ticks per second. The idea is it makes it easier to dodge/more rewarding if you do it right. Make sense?

Well, apparently Baron didn’t get the memo, via Reddit. The new Singed Q is interacting extremely weirdly with the neutral objective, allowing him to take it in no time at all.

The bug doesn’t currently seem to be affecting Singed’s interactions or damage with anyone else, but needless to say a Singed with barely any AP should not be taking Baron that quickly. Expect a hotfix coming soon, with a high possibility of the champion being disabled until it’s fixed.

We’ll keep you updated as soon as anything happens.