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Ivern’s jungle clear is absolutely bonkers

Get ready for a lot of this in your solo queue games.

Riot Games

Ivern’s big release finally arrived Tuesday, as we finally learned just how the friend of the jungle can actually, you know, jungle. For more on his ability kit and how he works, read this breakdown here.

Ivern is a champion that does not actually fight jungle monsters, instead peacefully setting them free. It takes between two and three seconds for him to channel Friend of The Forest, which starts building a ring around the jungle camp, and when it’s completed he can come back and take it. Ivern doesn’t have to stay while the ring is being completed — in fact, he can run around and start other camps or gank.

But one question remains — how fast is his clear? Real fast, it turns out, as we can tell thanks to Kimimoto, using Ivern’s release skin, Candy King Ivern.

And don’t forget -- Ivern can share buffs from jungle monsters with his allies. That means if he gets blue buff, he can share it with his mid laner, meaning both champions would have blue buff. So watch out for that in Patch 6.20, when he will likely be released.