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Man at Arms: Reforged brings League weapons to life

(makes grabby hands)

The Man at Arms: Reforged team creates fantasy weapons in real life and they aren’t just props - they’re real, sharp weapons that you could actually use. In the past, they’ve made Master Yi’s sword, Diana’s blade and Katarina’s daggers. On Monday, they also added Poppy’s legendary hammer to the collection.

“It’s one of the biggest weapons we’ve ever made. It’s big,” said blacksmith Kerry Stagmer.

The team consists of Stagmer, armorer Illya Alekseyev and fabricator John Mitchell, from Baltimore Knife & Sword.

All of the Man at Arms creations come from fan suggestions, but there are several League of Legends projects the team would like to work on one day.

“I would like to see some of the armor. We haven’t done any armor from League...I would love to see [Alekseyev] do Tryndamere’s armor and do the sword in another episode and put them together. Even Garen - just armor in general,” Stagmer said.

“I would love to do a bow - some crazy bow. I would love to do one of Ashe’s bow or something like that, but armor would be a neat thing to tap on.”

Stagmer is the only member of the Man at Arms team that plays League frequently. The others have dabbled in it, but didn’t take interest. He prefers the classic characters, like Ashe, Blitzcrank or Jinx, saying that the new champions “confuse the hell out of [him.]”

When asked to pick a professional team, Stagmer let out a laugh and claimed that he couldn’t pick one publicly. (We understand.)