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League’s in-game shop is getting smarter and easier to use

Most excellent.

League of Legends art book

On Wednesday, League of Legends Patch 6.19 hits, and it’s got a lot of big changes. After small changes in Patch 6.18 - the World Championship patch - Riot felt it was the right time to shake things up in some major ways. Easy to lose among the large scale champion changes are the quality of life changes made to the item shop.

The biggest immediate change for players is going to come with undoing item purchases. In previous patches, undoing an item purchase would result in the subtraction of all health that had been gained since the item was purchased. Originally, this was intended to prevent players from buying regeneration items then quickly undoing it to get health back faster. However, this would lead to players buying an item and changing their mind and losing the health organically gained from standing in the fountain.

The new system is going to give the player back the health they would have regenerated if they hadn’t bought the item, meaning that undoing a purchase is no longer penalized with a delayed trip back into the action.

Another change long-time players will welcome is the ability to sell items from the shop window inventory with a simple right-click. It isn’t a major, or particularly game-changing addition, but it’s a nice convenience feature that will quickly become second nature to players, like buying an item with a right-click.

The final changes to the item shop relate to Riot’s fairly new Smart Ping system. Starting on Patch 6.19, pinging an item in the shop will notify teammates how much gold you need before you can purchase the item. Perhaps the smallest shop related change also has to do with pings, allowing players to ping the map while the shop window is still open.

Players will get the chance to try out the smarter and more convenient item shop when patch 6.19 goes live on the 21st.