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Championship Zed is finally coming this patch

The shadows can’t hold him back.

Riot Games

Riot announced Championship Zed as this season’s Championship skin quite a while ago, and testing for the skin on the public beta environment has been completed. There were teases about the skin coming out on patch 6.18, but the skin was later pulled from the patch notes.

The limited edition skin was added to 6.19’s patch notes “for real this time.” The skin, along with older Championship skins including Riven’s, will be coming out sometime soon as Worlds grows closer.

The skin features a slick silver and blue design that’s standard in all of the Championship skins, along with a neat backing animation of Zed sitting on a throne.

This wraps up the first team composition for the Championship skins, so you can play a full on-meta team from the skin line!

  • Championship Riven - top
  • Championship Shyvana - jungle
  • Championship Zed - mid
  • Championship Kalista - ADC
  • Championship Thresh - support

You’re playing a full-AD team-comp if you play this, though, so be warned that it might not work out so great.