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Look behind the scenes of champion design with the League of Legends art book

Some of these concepts are amazing.

Riot Games

Riot released a much needed art book to show off many of the concepts and backstories for League of Legend’s champions, Summoner’s Rift and more. The book can be viewed in its entirety online and you can buy the book for $75 or $150 for the collector’s edition.

Art is one of the components that makes League so incredible. The art team is composed of many people who ban together and compile their ideas to make champions, jungle creatures and everything in between. The art book shows off many things we’ve never seen before, like amazing DJ Sona concepts and a storyboard for Miss Fortune’s backstory. (Some of these DJ Sona ideas are very Miku Hatsune-esque. Which is a good thing.)

Riot Games

Annie also has some cool never-before-seen images that details a bit of her backstory. We’re normally used to seeing Annie looking very cartoony and cute, but the images from the art book shows a whole different side of her.

Riot Games

Ekko’s evolution (or lack thereof) is very interesting, too. The changes in this piece of concept work shows really shows the smallest details that get shifted around to make the champion we know.

Riot Games

The book really shows how much careful detail and attention goes into making the smallest things, like the shopkeepers on Summoner’s Rift.

It’s very interesting to see what champions typically start out as and how much they evolve and transform, so if you don’t want to slam down $75 on an art book, you still definitely check out the digital version.