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Poppy, Jinx, Lulu and Janna join Star Guardians, get new skins

For Runeterra’s future, they’ll be of service!

The four new Star Guardians have been announced. A new feature launched Monday on the League of Legends website revealed Lulu, Poppy, Janna and Jinx will be joining Lux in the Star Guardian line of skins.

The feature includes some backstory about the champions in the alternate Star Guardian universe, along with drawings of the girls in slice-of-life situations.

Clicking on each champion opens up a little biography on them, including their stats, hobbies and favorite school subjects!

The website will also include a quiz to “find your inner guardian,” but it’s not up yet. It seems that there are several secrets to the Star Guardians that we’re all still waiting on the details on.

Here are the splash arts and particle effects for each, via Riot’s KateyKhaos on Twitter.





The particles for these skins look extremely detailed, which would suggest that the skins will be on the more expensive side.

Each champion has their own anime-esque familiar, where Riot stepped back from the poros that they normally use and they released new, freshly designed little creatures.