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The Star Guardian skins I want to see

In the name of Aurelion Sol, I will punish you!

Riot Games

As a child that grew up on magical-girl anime, I was so excited when Star Guardian Lux came out. Not only was the skin designed by one of my favorite Riot artists, Paul “Zeronis” Kwon, but she looked just like Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon!

My dreams had finally come true, but something in me was still empty. I wanted more. A magical girl can’t make it on her own. Mew Ichigo of Tokyo Mew Mew had a posse, and so did Sailor Moon. Hell, Sailor Moon had a squad with eight other girls, two cats and a dude in a mask that also has a squad of more dudes.

Where were the rest of my Star Guardians? Riot has answered my prayers. The company teased a new set of skins on its Facebook page and it shows Lux looking out as four glowing beings are flying to earth. There is a blue, green, purple and reddish-pink glow! What could this mean?

Riot Games

While making this list of who I want to see, I kept in mind champions who’ve had skins released recently (which typically means that they won’t be included in this round of Star Guardian skins) and lane positions. Basic sets of five skins typically try to follow a meta of one skin per position. If Lux is typically a mid-laner, we can expect skins for support, AD-carry, jungle and top!

Green blur: Star Guardian Zyra (support)

Green typically corresponds with nature and Zyra is the exact “motherly” type to fit the role. The green blur made Sailor Jupiter and Mew Lettuce come to mind. Both of them are more gentle (though no women in the League are) and Zyra is technically a mom to her plant babies.

Blue blur: Star Guardian Quinn (ADC)

Quinn would make a disturbingly perfect fit for a Star Guardian. Not only is she already a scout that surveys areas, but imagine if Valor was turned into some kind of cute anime creature. Sailor Moon had her cat, Luna. Mew Ichigo had Masha, that floating pink puffy thing. Madoka of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica has Kyuubey.

Please, Riot, turn Valor into some kind of cute furry thing.

Purple blur: Star Guardian Rek’Sai (Jungle)

Hear me out. Rek’Sai deserves to feel pretty, too. Every team needs a renegade-type that goes ham in fights and disappears without a trace. We’ve got the outer senshi, Mew Zakuro, Homura and now, Rek’Sai. Can’t you imagine her tunneling it, getting a kill and immediately tunneling back out? She would just look so precious in the uniform and starry portals for her tunnels would look amazing.

Red-pink blur: Star Guardian Irelia (Top)

Irelia would be the sassy sarcastic member of the group who pretends to HATE being around the others, but deep down loves the other Star Guardians a lot. You can very easily imagine her in a red uniform with stars that shoot from her blades instead of her ultimate. Oh boy.

Talking about all this just made me want a Star Guardian spin-off anime. Sigh.

Many fans have great ideas about Star Guardian skin designs and you can see them just about everywhere if you google “Star Guardian skin.” The fan designs are definitely worth checking out, but beware - you might see a really nice design and then get disappointed when Riot doesn’t use that design.