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Season 6 ranked rewards teased in client

Okay, but show me the Victorious skin.

Riot Games

Players around the community have been getting excited over the fact that you can now see a list of ranked rewards in client. The rewards are about the same as ever - loading screen and profile banner borders for silver or higher and icons for everyone.

Like last year, anyone gold or higher will also get a little badge notification above their game invitation when somebody receives an invite from them. The badge looks the same as the summoner icon you get and it’s hardly noticeable, but thanks anyway, Riot!

It’s also noted that the very sought-after Victorious skin for this season wasn’t listed under tier rewards! When a Redditor pointed that out, Rioter Pwyff just responded with “Soon,” so we’re getting one. We just have to wait to find out who it is.

Rioter Socrates has also posted on the boards confirming that just like the previous seasons, players who reach gold or higher in any form of ranked queue will receive a Victorious skin.

The ranked team ward was revealed in client and it’s pretty! You need 15 points to qualify for the small ward skin, 30 for the medium size and 45 for the large. Each 5v5 win gives 3 points and each 3v3 win gives 1 point. Points have been added retroactively, so if you’ve already won 20 5v5 games, you should already have 30 points. (Socrates also noted that the values showing client to get the ward are incorrect. The values we have are right!)

This reveal means that the season is ending soon! The season is going to end towards the beginning of November, but no official date has been announced yet. Get your ranked games in now!