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Yasuo, Yorick and Aatrox receive mid-patch bug fixes

If you patched today and were wondering why, well, here’s your answer.

Riot Games

Patch 6.18, also known as the Worlds Patch, is live around the world. If you haven’t read up on it, here are the big things you need to know. Thursday, three additional changes were added to the patch notes, a week after they went live: bug fixes for Aatrox, Yasuo and Yorick.

Here are the changes for each champion. A note: all of them are bug fixes.


Q - Dark Flight can once again be interrupted during its first half while Aatrox is rising into the air

Aatrox is no longer locked out of casting abilities if Dark Flight is interrupted during its second half as he dives toward the ground

If Aatrox dies during Dark Flight, he's no longer locked out of Flash or Teleport on respawn until recasting Dark Flight


Fixed a bug where hitting a target with Q - Steel Tempest (or Yasuo's E+Q combo) multiple times in extremely rapid succession could fail to deal damage


Hitting an enemy with Q - Last Rites without killing it no longer creates a Grave when the Maiden of the Mists and four Mist Walkers are nearby. (It still creates a Grave if it kills the enemy, as intended.

Before the bug fixes, Yasuo’s top-lane win rate stood at 51.77 percent (down from 55.14 last patch), Aatrox’s at 49.14 percent and Yorick’s at 44.53 percent (as expected for a recently updated champion). Yasuo’s mid-lane win rate is 50.26, down from 52.95 last patch. All win rate data is from ranked games Platinum and above thanks to